Chauffeured Miami Concierge services are truly tailored to meet your own personal needs. We provide you with a personal assistant dedicated to handle your requests, as little or as much as needed. Manned by a highly skilled and dedicated staff, we will ensure that your needs are fulfilled seamlessly through a network of professional resources, offering you assistance to help simplify your life. Best of all, you can count on the same Concierge assistant for each request so you truly end up with your own personal assistant. Give our services a try and you will feel the immediate sense of relief knowing that you no longer have to do time consuming tasks, and we can still make sure they have YOUR personal touch.

Other than customer satisfaction, confidentiality is one of our top priorities. Therefore, we guarantee discretion at all times. Chauffeured Miami Concierge can do your personal shopping at two different shops forty five blocks away from each other, pick up and put your dry cleaning away in your closet the way you like it or wash the fruit before it goes into the fridge—all with a smile! 

Our services extend to checking and filing the mail, paying the bills or organizing your office. Our staff can help you plan and research local or international vacation destinations and even pack and gas up the car for a weekend trip. We also offer a full range of services for business and corporate clients. Any request from mundane day to day chores to utterly spectacular experiences, let us take care of it!